Frequently asked questions

What are wax melts?

Handmade wax melts are completely wick-less scented pieces of wax that are melted in a warmer. Much like the flame of a soy candle heats the wax, releasing fragrance throughout your home. Wax melts sit in the dish of a melt warmer/oil burner, these melt hot enough to release fragrances without the flame! Which also means, no wax burns off into the air, just fragrance. Some wax melt warmers are plug-in electric, while others use tea light candles below a suspended dish. Both are excellent to produce a beautiful home fragrance experience! Scented wax melts are pieces of wax without a wick.  They come in different shapes and sizes, such as wax tarts, heart-shaped mini melts and wax brittle. A wax melt can give off a slight scent when cold; however, they are designed to be slowly warmed using a melt warmer/oil burner. 

How do I use wax melts?

Our highly scented wax melts are very easy to use. You simply take your scented wax melt and place the required amount in your melt warmer  Then light your tea light or turn on your wax melt warmer if it is electric. Your wax melt will start to release the scent in a few minutes. When you are finished using them, you just turn off or remove the heat source and the wax will solidify until you are ready to use it again. To use it again, just turn the warmer back on or light the tea light (depending on which type of warmer you have). When you are ready to dispose of the used wax melts, allow the wax to harden, then just heat for a few minutes to loosen it and it should pop right out. You can manage the strength of your fragrance by adding more or less wax depending on your scent sensitivity or the size of your room.

Are wax melts safer than candles?

While wax melts work much like a soy candle, where wax is melted and the fragrance is released from the hard wax, the benefit is no flame touching the wax itself. A direct flame can burn your fragrance and alter the intended smell of the scent. When wax itself is burned, it must go somewhere, the air, the walls, the carpets, black soot is dispersed when burning candles, Wax melts can give you all the luxuries of a candle whilst helping to avoid these hazards. Even when a warmer is left on, our electric warmers are Electrical safety tested. Class 2 equipment, European conformity, therefore perfectly safe. Many people have turned to wax melts as a healthy alternative to candles and aerosol air fresheners. 

What are the best melts? -Which ones should I avoid?

There are different types of wax melts available. Most wax melts are made with either paraffin wax or soy wax. You should avoid paraffin wax which is a petroleum by-product. Always opt for a 100% natural soy wax melt, they burn cleaner than paraffin and generally last longer.

Can you mix different fragrances?

Our wax melts allow you to get creative. You can easily experiment with them by combining two or more different fragrances to come up with your own custom fragrance.  For example, you could combine a piece of  Apple wax melt with a piece of  Blackberry wax melt to create your own custom fragrance.  When using wax melts you are not limited to using one fragrance at a time, so get creative, experiment and have some fun mixing wax melts to come up with your own custom fragrances.

Wax melts are long-lasting, fun, relatively inexpensive, and also provide a safe way to enjoy great fragrances. They are a convenient choice when you want to control the amount of scent, experiment with blending scents, and fill your home with wonderful fragrances.